30 September 2015

On Economists and Engineers

In creating better tools and value for society,engineers trump economists. Why? Check out my article in the October 2015 edition (Design Issue) of Wired UK

Left: The cover page of Wired UK (Source: Google Images)
Right: A collage art by Mark Lazenby

Business Today: An Engineer's Delight

In a generous review for Business Today, Ganesh Natarajan calls Applied Minds: How Engineers Think "an engineer's delight as it provides multiple examples of the solution spaces that an engineering mindset can create for solving problems." Thank you so much.

29 September 2015

Big Think: How Engineering Helped Hitchcock Scare the Pants off of You

From Big Think: Did you know Alfred Hitchcock was a formally trained engineer? Biomedical engineer Guru Madhavan could see evidence of this in Hitchcock's movies. Not only does an engineering background inform a director's shooting decisions, it also equips him or her with the necessary modular system kind of thinking to be good at assembling a good film.

26 September 2015

With Star Engineers of Rochester

A true delight to discuss (and catch up on) engineering design and innovation with two revolutionary engineers in Rochester: David Koon, former NY assemblyman who enhanced the 911 public safety system, and Steve Sasson, the inventor of the digital camera (the technology that also made this photo possible). Koon and Sasson are featured stars in Applied Minds: How Engineers Think.

19 September 2015

The Economic Times: Engineering Solutions That Make a Big Difference

In his generous discussion of Applied Minds: How Engineers Think in the Economic Times, Hari Pulakkat concludes with a powerful question for India: "Should a country of engineers struggle so much to apply engineering principles to solve its problems?"

16 September 2015

India's Engineer's Day Feature in Mail Today

Thanks to Mail Today for featuring an extract from Applied Minds: How Engineers Think on India's Engineer's Day.

13 September 2015

British Airways Business Life: Engineering Matters

For your flight time entertainment, you may wish to check out my articleon "the benefits of a mindset rooted in curiosity, practicality, and improvement"—in the September 2015 issue of British Airways's BusinessLife. Big thanks to the magazine for its special issue that featured engineering legends including Sir James Dyson and Dame Ann Dowling. It was an honor to be part of it.


28 August 2015

BBC Radio 4 More or Less, Tim Harford

Some thoughts on thinking like an engineer on BBC Radio 4 show "More or Less" with Financial Times columnist Tim Harford and Charlotte McDonald. (Segment: 15:30 to 22:30)

26 August 2015

Thank you, Discover.

In its September 2015 issue, Discover notes that Applied Minds: How Engineers Think is "an accessible and very human story of innovators." (W.W. Norton | Penguin Random House India | Oneworld UK)

Cover image from www.discovermagazine.com